How I Got Rid of Acne in ONE WEEK

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DIY Acne removal face mask:

1. One Egg

2. Two Tablespoons of Cinnamon 



For those who are trying out this mask please make sure that if you are applying the mask wash your face about 20-30 minutes before you apply the mask. The first time I did it my face was freshly washed and left untouched for about an hour. My friend, who tried the mask with me washed her face right before and she said it burned really bad. When she washed her the burning did not leave any marks on her face but it was really uncomfortable. 


Try this for about a week and your face should clear up! If you have sensitive skin do a patch test to avoid any skin irritation. This really worked for me and I am sure it will work for the majority of the people who try it!


Comment below if you tried it and how it worked for you!



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  • What’s a patch test ?

    HAnnah cHacon

  • I’m scare if I try it it will make skin getting worse


  • Hey! I was wondering if this irritates the skin if you have redness/rosacea problems? Thanks.


  • hi . are you used this mask everyday at that time?

    Seha Abdul Razak

  • Do you have to still use the skin products you’re using while trying out the mask for a week?


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