Drug Store Makeup Routine| 25 Giveaways Till Christmas

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All of the makeup used in my "Drugstore Makeup Routine" are linked below. Just click on the picture and it will take you to the exact product and color.


The winner for the first 25 Giveaways Till Christmas is linked below 
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  • Hi, I love your videos! I think we’re around the same skin tone & ive been wanting to try the maybeline fit me foundation, what shade do you use?

    Stefanie Cortes

  • I saw your video on the curly extension drove to L.A. and bought. I colored and bleached. What do I use to a get the curl back. Please HELP! :(


  • What color do you use in the maybelline? The link does not take me to your color. Thanks!


  • Hi I’m so sorry! Those question marks in my previous comments were emojis… not sure why they came up as question marks. Sorry about that, love you girl!

    Renee Samuel

  • Hey girl you’re so bomb!!! Your face, hair colour and curls are ?. Just saying hey ? all the way from the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago) ?

    Renee Samuel

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